Euro T20 Slam 2019- The New European Cricket League

Old days are gone when cricket lovers had to wait for five days test match result and fifty over one day match, it’s the new era of an entertaining T twenty leagues. Euro T20 Slam 2019 is a hot new example of the twenty over cricket game and how this cricket fever is prevailing in the world. Back in the days England, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, and Indian people were known as crazy cricket lovers. Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Cricket League (CCL) and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) are the most popular t20 leagues around the world where the big names of cricket participate to ensure pure entertainment. But now, it’s time for European people to enjoy the exciting matches in Euro T20 2019 league.

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euro t20 slam 2019

The big news for the cricket lover around the globe, now cricket is getting popular in Europe. Confirmed news about the New European Cricket League named as the “Euro T20 Slam” has been announced by the officials. The event was revealed in March 2019. Euro T20 Slam will start on 30th August and will end on 22nd September 2019. The cricket event will be officially launched on 30th April 2019 in the Republic of Ireland. The name of the event was finalized after the mutual agreement between the event manages, GS holding and Woods Entertainment and the three participating cricket boards naming Cricket Scotland, Cricket Ireland and Cricket Netherlands also known as KNCB.

Euro T20 Slam Teams

Initially, there will be six teams playing in the first edition of the European Cricket League. The two teams from their land will represent each country. This exciting cricket league is going to be played in the following three European countries.


euro t20 slam

The six teams of the league with their countries are following.

  • Amsterdam and Rotterdam (both teams will represent the Netherlands)
  • Dublin and Belfast (both teams will represent the Republic of Ireland)
  • Edinburgh and Glasgow (both teams will represent Scotland)


There will be 33 matches played between these six teams including the Semi-Final and Final of the tournament. All the teams will play in the round-robin format.

Every team must have nine local players along with the seven international players in their final squad. However, it is essential to have six domestic players in the playing eleven. The player’s name will be revealed soon after the official auction.

Warren Deutrom, the Chief Executive of the Cricket Ireland, commented on the announcement by saying that “ the process was not only to establish a mere name but to give the tournament an identity which both aligned it with other global domestic leagues, yet made it a vibrant and distinctive brand.

It was necessary for us to convey our points of difference that would resonate in local markets in Scotland, Netherlands, and Ireland where cricket is not a popular sport in the town. The touching points of, cricket, geography, and excitement were our prime goal, and we are hoping it will gain the necessary traction with the fans.”

Mr. Prashant Mishra, Managing Partner, Woods Entertainment, said:

“After consultation with the cricket boards of Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands, we come to a general consensus over the name. Since the term league is used all across the world for T20 events, we wanted to add the energy factor to our tournament; hence we have decided to name it Euro T20 Slam.”

T20 Slam Location

This thrilling competition is going to be played in three countries naming the Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland. Two teams from each country will participate in 33 matches hosted by these countries. Check out all three venues of the t20 slam.

Euro T20 Slam Tickets

Everyone cricket lover in Europe and all around the world is anxiously waiting for the thriller. The t20 slam tickets will also be issued soon after the official launch on 30th April 2019. Stay tuned. Don’t buy any ticket until the tickets are issued officially or you will be deprived off your money.

Euro T20 Slam Schedule, Fixtures and Timetable

Though the 33 matches of the tournament will be played in the three countries the schedule. all six teams will be divided into 2 groups that will play 30 league matches and all game well played in 3 venues.

The Netherlands- VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam

Match Day & Date Game Time (GMT)
1 Fri 30 Aug’ 19 Amsterdam Kings v Rotterdam Rhinos 10:30 hrs
2 Fri 30 Aug’ 19 Glasgow Giants v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
3 Sat 31 Aug’ 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Dublin Chiefs 10:30 hrs
4 Sat 31 Aug 19 Amsterdam Kings v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
5 Sun 01 Sep’ 19 Glasgow Giants v Dublin Chiefs 10:30 hrs
6 Sun 01 Sep’ 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
7 Mon 02 Sep 19 Rotterdam Rhinos v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
8 Tue 03 Sep 19 Amsterdam Kings v Edinburgh Rocks 14:30 hrs
9 Wed 04 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
10 Thu 05 Sep 19 Amsterdam Kings v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs


Match Day & Date Game Time (GMT)
11 Fri06 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Glasgow Giants 10:30 hrs
12 Fri 06 Sep’ 19 Rotterdam Rhinos v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs
13 Sat 07 Sep 19 Amsterdam Kings v Dublin Chiefs 10:30 hrs
14 Sat 07 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs
15 Sun 08 Sep 19 Belfast Titans v Amsterdam Kings 10:30 hrs
16 Sun 08 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs
17 Mon 09 Sep’ 19 Glasgow Giants v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs
18 Tue 10 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Dublin Chiefs 14:30 hrs
19 Wed 11 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs
20 Thu 12 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs


Match Day & Date Game Time (GMT)
21 Fri 13 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Belfast Titans 10:30 hrs
22 Fri 13 Sep 19 Glasgow Giants v Rotterdam Rhinos 14:30 hrs
23 Sat 14 Sep’ 19 Amsterdam Kings v Edinburgh Rocks 10:30 hrs
24 Sat 14 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs
25 Sun 15 Sep 19 Edinburgh Rocks v Rotterdam Rhinos 10:30 hrs
26 Sun 15 Sep 19 Amsterdam Kings v Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs
27 Mon 16 Sep 19 Belfast Titans v Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs
28 Tue 17 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Amsterdam Kings 14:30 hrs
29 Wed 18 Sep 19 Amsterdam Kings v Glasgow Giants 14:30 hrs
30 Thu 19 Sep 19 Dublin Chiefs v Belfast Titans 14:30 hrs

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Main Sponsor

Sponsors play a significant role in making an event successful. Without a primary sponsor, it is almost impossible to launch an event. For example, Rolex the premium watch manufacturer is the main sponsor of the Grand slam and Wimbledon. The main sponsor of the Euro T20 cricket league is Turkish Airlines.

T20 Slam Venues

The six teams are announced by the three countries of the Euro t20 slam 2019. take a look at the Euro T20 Slam venues.

1.Malahide Cricket Club Dublin, Ireland

Also known as “the Village” Malahide cricket club is one of the best cricket grounds in Ireland. It has been managed by the Ireland Cricket in the Lady Acre field of Malahide. The magnificent cricket ground was formally opened in 2013 for global cricket. The Ireland cricket team played in the first test match in May 2018 against Pakistan. This Euro T20 Slam venue will host ten matches of the league.

2.The Grange Club, Edinburg, Scotland

One of the oldest cricket clubs in Europe, The Grange Club has the honor that the great players like Donald Bradman, W.G. Elegance, Shane Warm, Brain Lara, and Andrew Flintoff have played in this ground. The first official One Day International Cricket Match was played on 27th June 2006 between the Scotland and Pakistan. The Grange club will host 10 matches of Euro T20 Slam 2019.

3.VRA Cricket Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

With the capacity of 4500 crowds, the VRA Cricket Academy was found in 1939. The Venue has hosted popular cricket teams such as Australia, Pakistan, and India. The highest score in One Day International Cricket History was scored by Sri Lanka against the host, Netherlands in July 2006. This famous cricket venue will host ten league matches of Euro T20 Slam 2019.

T20 Slam Squad

Just like all other t20 cricket leagues, the T20 Slam league teams must have nine domestic players and six international players in their official sixteen men squad. Each team will play with six local or domestic players and five international players on the field. all 3 countries represent 2 domestic teams each.

Teams From Netherlands

1 Rotterdam Rhinos

2 Amsterdam Kings



Teams From Irelands

1 Belfast Titans

2 Dublin Chiefs



Teams From Scotland

1 Edinburgh Rocks

2 Glasgow Giants




Euro t20 slam live streaming

The live streaming of the t20 slam will be available here as soon as the tournament kicks off. You will find the live streaming every match and then the highlights after the match here. The time and schedule of the matches will be announced by the official after the squads are finalized by the franchises. Stay tuned with us to check out the latest news about the live streaming.


euro t20 live streaming

Euro t20 Slam Live Score

Suppose you are at the office or out of the home but still want to catch ball by ball live score, what will be your first choice? We are here to update ball by ball action for you. Don’t worry, we love cricket and we care for your excitement about this fantastic game of cricket. We will share ball by ball live score of Euro T20 Slam with you. Let the game start and we will follow each ball and run for you.

Euro T20 Cricket League Points Table

Just like you, we are also waiting for this t20 cricket league. The points table is the main thing everyone is looking for as the matches begin. The fixtures, scorecard and points table will be updated with each match on this page. So keep visiting us during the tournament and after every match to stay updated with the Euro T20 2019.

Official Launch and Opening Ceremony of T20 League

The clock is ticking and we are not too far away to witness the craziest cricket league of the European nations. As mentioned above, the official launch of this event will be held on 30th April 2019. The Republic of Ireland has the honor to host the inaugural launch of the Euro T20 2019 in Dublin.

Euro T20 Slam Draft 2019

Euro T20 Slam Draft will be held on 19 July 2019 in London. The matches will be scheduled by the organizers and then the franchises will choose their desired players for their teams. Players will be presented at auction and team owners will bid for them.

Cricket is not just a game; it’s a passion. The world is divided by the boundaries and united by the games. When people from around the world are interested in a game, the travel for it socially communicates with each other which brings them together. For example, we use Twitter and Facebook in our routine life, but when there is an event like PSL or IPL, people love to update their status, profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and tweet ball by the ball to get in touch with the cricket lovers from around the globe. That’s where cricket plays a binding role between people from different parts of the world. The Euro T20 Slam 2019 will be played in Europe but will be enjoyed by every cricket lover all around the world. Keep in touch with us to stay updated with this exciting even